Listen up Travel Nurses! Wanderly just might be what you've been looking for 🍍

Hello Lovely Nurses! Here at Nightingale Express we have been chatting with Wanderly quite a bit and think they're awesome! As a previous travel nurse, it is so amazing to see a company that wants to streamline the process and make travel nursing fun and easy to navigate. We asked them to write a blog so y'all could learn a little more about them! HAPPY TRAVELS! πŸ



Why Wanderly?
Wanderly was created and founded by Tom Lingle in 2017 for one reason and
one reason only: travel nurses and recruiters alike needed more from our
For some time now, we have seen travel nurses go through the painstaking
process of working through travel nursing agencies and recruiters in the least
efficient manner possible. We have also watched those same recruiters work
within a pressurized environment with limited capabilities to do the job they love. Nurses, to their job description, are incredibly busy individuals. Travel nurses, are those same busy individuals that fill crisis needs in hospitals and move around the country constantly to do so. Why, for so long, have we allowed them to fill the little free time they have trying to find their next travel assignment through a broken process that works no where near in their favor or to the full benefit of their recruiter? Travel nurses and recruiters needed a solution from our industry.

So, Wanderly was born.
Here’s a little backstory from the travel nurse side of this story: the travel nursing process *used* to be frustrating because it consisted of being a waiting game, then hoping you were submitted to a job fast enough. When it comes to being recruited in this industry, there is a large amount of supplemental information that a nurse must repeatedly provide various companies before he or she can obtain real comparative answers to even the simplest questions about an assignment, nursing pay package, or hospital. Why you ask? There is a certain amount of pressure from agencies on recruiters to snag contact information from nurses quickly so the company has a fair shot at convincing them to take a travel assignment. Think of it this way: all travel nursing agencies are vying for a delicious piece of a very small pie. You can see where the frustration starts to set in for people who are just trying to find the best and highest paying travel nursing job.
Wanderly decided to change the game. We knew it was time to remove the
middle man, remove the pressure on recruiters that inevitably pressures the
nurses, and create a symbiotic relationship between the agency, the recruiter,
and the nurse where everyone felt more comfortable and had more success.
Wanderly is a place for nurses to come to improve their travel nursing
At Wanderly, you can:
● view pay packages
● obtain assignment information
● anonymously chat with recruiters


● upload your documentation for easy submittals when you feel the job is right for you (yes, this means skills checklists, licensure information, certifications, etc. only need to be filled out and uploaded ONE TIME for all of the jobs you review and all of the recruiters you choose to communicate with until you renew them). 
What Wanderly is NOT:
● a job board
● lead generator
● a place to sell leads
● a travel nursing agency
Wanderly is available on the desktop and also on your mobile device to simplify all things β€œTravel Nursing” and the process of job submission at the click of a button.
You can Wanderly from anywhere!
Our entire mission is to improve the process for travel nurses looking for
assignments so they can have more time to themselves, and to allow recruiters
optimal access to fully profiled nurses in an honest environment with less
pressure. Signing up with Wanderly is signing up for freedom.
We listened to all of the complaints that travel nursing industry wanted heard,
and we are a solution for all of them.  
What are you waiting for?