Nursing Spotlight: Maegan G. MSN, NP-C at Skin Pharm in Nashville, TN


Maegan Griffin and I met as nursing school classmates at Belmont University in Nashville, TN. Since then, she has gone on to become a Nurse Practitioner, earning her Master of Science in Nursing from Tennessee State University  in 2014.

Being a beautiful, glowing southern belle it was no surprise to me that she has ended up in the field of dermatology- helping the people of Nashville look fabulous! I have been bursting with pride for Maegan’s most recent accomplishment, opening her own skin care practice called Skin Pharm. Services provided by Skin Pharm include, laser treatments, cosmetic injectables, and advanced skin care and acne regimen consultations.

Keep reading for Maegan’s insight into her field and how to help nurse’s wanting to look and feel their best!


*How did you find your way into the field of plastics and dermatology?

"After two years as a registered nurse in critical care, I wanted to join the aesthetic world and pursue private practice. I was familiar with plastic and reconstructive practice through keeping in touch with the practice owner and plastic surgeon, Dr. Garza. Joining his practice in 2013 gave me the opportunity to pursue my interests in plastic surgery and dermatology."

*Tell us about Skin Pharm!

Skin Pharm is an aesthetic practice specializing in nonsurgical services including cosmetic injectables, laser medicine, advanced skin care and acne treatments. First timers can be apprehensive about cosmetic treatments, so we offer professionalism that is sometimes difficult to find in med spas and comfort that is not always experienced in medical offices.


* What are your favorite aspects of your job? Favorite procedure to perform?

Changing people’s lives. The services we offer help patients obtain an overall healthy appearance and that in turn is a huge self esteem boost. After years of practicing, we have found the perfect touch to deliver natural looking results that offer subtle changes- and that’s not easy to achieve.

While it’s hard to pick a favorite procedure, I would have to go with filler injections. Due to the makeup of filler, results are immediate. Injecting is an art and allows me to use my creativity while applying scientific knowledge. The injecting process is truly invigorating.

*What would you recommend most for hardworking nurses to keep them looking their best?

Rest! The difference in the appearance of someone who sleeps 6 hours on average and someone who sleeps 7-8 hours on average is astonishing. Lines and wrinkles and pigment can set in faster when exhausted. As for topical recommendations, start with a broad spectrum SPF 30 product daily and a retinol product nightly. This is a great start to the proper skin care routine.


*If you could chose one treatment or procedure that gives you the most dramatic results/improvements for the cost- what would it be?

Botox injections. Results kick in within several days and lasts 3-4 months. Nothing works as well as Botox to smooth lines created from animation. You’ll have people asking if you got more rest, while really you just had injections several days ago.. and maybe some caffeine.

*What are your go-to post-work stress relievers?

Kickboxing and snuggles with my baby girl. Hotbox Nashville is the best kickboxing in Nashville and the perfect place for a good sweat session. As for baby snuggles, I might be bias, but my 8-month-old delivers the sweetest snuggles and her giggles are an immediate means to escape stress.


*When on the go or at work- what items can you never forget to throw into your purse?

Bobby pins, tinted SPF, hand sanitizer, Gold Bar, and an 48 oz Nalgene water bottle in hand.

*For all of our fabulous travel nurses out there- tell us about some of your favorite spots in Nashville?! Best post-shift happy hour or breakfast?

Green Hills, 12 South, Gulch, Germantown. How much time do you have? If stopping in, visit LA Jackson rooftop bar. The cocktails are yummy and the view is stunning. For breakfast, Tavern remains one of my favorites. Order the Singapore Stir Fry.

Thanks Maegan! For all you lucky Nashville residents ~ be sure to check out Skin Pharm! I know you'll be in good hands!