Nursing Spotlight: Madison Sackett Pediatric OR RN, Currently based in San Diego, CA


For this Nursing Spotlight I interviewed Madison Sackett, a Pediatric OR nurse currently on a travel nurse assignment in San Diego. We first met through my brother who is a close friend of Madison’s boyfriend in Minneapolis. When Madison took a position in Seattle and we were introduced via social media ~ a friend date was scheduled! Over cocktails and jokes about being from the midwest, we became quick friends! Check out Madison’s interview below for an insight into working in the OR, his self care regimen, and tips on travel nursing.  



Why did you choose the field of nursing?

I decided to go into nursing because of my mom, who is also a nurse. I have always looked up to her and been impressed with her knowledge as a nurse. I aspire to have that same wealth of knowledge as I continue to grow in my practice.

What led you to a career in the OR?

My sister. Another nurse—weird. She’s worked in the OR since she started her career as a nurse. She made it sounds so fascinating. I enjoy working in the operating room because you are always 1:1 with the patient, and also because they’re asleep. Yeah—I know, floor nursing just wasn’t for me. I like them more when they aren’t talking.

 What characteristics of a nurse/ nursing student would prompt you to suggest a job in the OR?

Organization, anticipation, and communication. Staying organized and being able to anticipate needs is huge in the OR. I’m constantly trying to think of what’s next. The process is methodical and flows when you’re well prepared for a string of cases. Communication—As a circulating nurse, I’m always coordinating with other services and teams to ensure the flow of my room. To makes sure we stay on time, I’m calling other services routinely to make sure there’s little to no delay.  

Have you enjoyed your time as a travel nurse? What have been your favorite aspects? Where have you traveled to?

I absolutely love my time as a travel nurse. I’ve been doing it for about a year and a half. I’ve been able to experience so many places that I would have never been able to without this career. So far I’ve traveled to Minneapolis, Seattle and San Diego. I’m always saying to my other travel nurse friends, “Can you believe that this is our life?” I would never have imagined being able to do this if it wasn’t for being a travel nurse.

We have an upcoming blogpost that details our list of favorite Seattle hotspots for travelers >> what were some of your favorite places and activities there?

The first thing that always comes to mind is taking the ferry to Bainbridge. It’s a quick 30 minute ride over to the island. It’s such a fun experience! You get a great view of the city, the mountains, and you’re riding on a boat ~ what’s not to love! Once you arrive, there are several spots you can go wine tasting. If wine isn’t your thing, check out the shops or the Bainbridge Island Brewery.

Any recommendations for travel nurses in San Diego?

So many! San Diego is great. Perfect weather all year round! Always a good day for the beach or hiking at Torrey Pines. The food ~ There are so many amazing eateries. Lots of activities. My favorites so far ~ Kayaking in La Jolla. Liberty Station is a super cute location with food, a brewery, and shopping all in one spot. Try Old Town-Mexican food and Margaritas—it is also a cute area to walk around at night.
If you’re wanting to do fun athletic things, try Vavi ~ an adult rec league. It’s a good way to meet people and have something to do during the week!

What’s your favorite thing to do to decompress after work?

Netflix and Chill. But really—A glass of wine, my nightingale express {Glint} candle burning, and a show on Netflix *Ahhh Zen AF*

What are your favorite items from THE WALT?

Everything! It’s so great to have these self care products. I usually don’t get these items for myself so it was a great gift.  

Travel nursing tips and tricks!

I feel like when nurses first consider traveling it’s so scary: the thought of moving away, going across the country, not knowing how a new hospital flows, and not knowing people in a new city.  I’m not going to discount any of these things; it’s a huge concern, but I can also guarantee you that it all gets better. I think every traveler will tell you “You just need to do it.”  It’s also overwhelming when you first start to begin your career as a travel nurse. I can admit I had absolutely no idea what I was doing when I first applied with a company. That’s why I’m going to share with you my favorite tips to ease this process-mostly because I wish someone had told me what to expect.
1. Tax home-Make it your parents.
2. Compile all your documents scan them and save them in a google drive so you can access them from anywhere and send them at a moment’s notice. It’s going to make your life so much easier. Keep these documents at hand in this google drive folder: Resume, Letters of reference, immunization records, all your certifications front and back of cards, nursing and drivers license, and receipts for reimbursement.
3. Fingerprint cards-you’re going to need them for applying for licensure in some states. When you get them done, ask to make a couple extra so you don’t have to repeat this step when you want to go to another state.
4. Tests-What the heck? Thought we were done with these. Yep, you still have to take them. *screenshot* I take a photo of every test question and have them saved in a folder for when they make you take the same one again.
5. Housing-I use Airbnb a lot. Negotiate a price if you find a spot for 3 months. You’re saving this person the headache of turning over a place for 3 whole months. That deserves a discount! It’s worth asking. Most of the time the owner will negotiate and send you a better rate. If you’re wanting to also gain Delta Skymiles, don’t forget to sign up and book through the Delta site. Two birds!


Thanks Madison! We can't wait to see where travel nursing takes you next!

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